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[Plugin] WalletConnect by EzCode

Try our demo with your wallet, see if it works there.

I can sign the message but on eth mainnet, it might be an issue from the wallet

But what chain it shows in our demo page when connecting to your wallet?
But yes, most likely their wallet works differently and perhaps, not quite correctly. When testing from MetaMask, every chain is shown correctly.

It shows chain id 1, and yes when connecting to metamask it works correctly

I’d like to use this on mobile to connect to metamask

Can we use this for

  • binance chain
  • bep20 tokens (get balance, send bep20 token to an address)



  • yes
  • yes you can, use action called "“Send ERC20 Token”

See demo page

Update v.1.9

New action Check NFT Balance
New state: NFT Balance (number)
New event: NFT Balance - Done

Hi guys,
The event Wrote Successful is generate just after a transaction is created (after a Wrote call).
So while managing such event the transaction is still pending.
How can I check if (and when) the transaction is completed successfully with this plugin ?

Hi guys, any comment of yours please?

Hi, I’m sorry for the delay.
Join our community on Discord, I’m active there daily :wink:

You can use the function Get Transaction confirmations from the Web3&Metamask plugin