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🧰 [Plugin] Web3 manager (frontend & backend) by EzCode



Maybe im confused, but am I able to send our ERC-20 token, or am i limited to the native token of the network, such as matic or eth?

Perhaps you didn’t see but this action is in the Payment section:

You can send any ERC20 token.

totally missed this! you sir are the best!

So i’ve been using the send token functionality and I’m having some difficulties. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t. This seems to be the most common error I get

What chain are you using? Seems like something wrong with the given RPC url

Andrew, can you add the “Deploy Contract” function in this plugin?

Yes sure, we are actually working on it already, will be out very soon.

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Fixed! Thank you!

Polygon gas has been very high lately, would be awesome to have an option to manually set gas, some transactions appear to not go through

it appears none of my transactions have gone through, it was working just fine before but this issue arose when gas on polygon went nuts. Im assuming the gas estimation is low and its lost in the queue. This is with the web3 backend send token

Andrew, can you add the “Approve” function and “contract approved” event in this plugin?

We will add it but you can already do it using the Write Smart contract action.

Yes, good idea, will add it in the next update.

when can we look for this update?

Already added :wink:
Update your plugin

  • Backend: Send token

This functions it is Sending token to the Contract Address

Hmm, I didn’t quite understand what do you mean

I just wait a little and it works. Sorry.

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Andrew, can you add “Subscribe Smart Contracts Events” function in this plugin? :pray:t3:

Sure, will add in next updates