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🦊 [Plugin] Web3 & MetaMask by EzCode

would be great to be able to manually set the gas price for sending a token, it seems the estimates are low

is there a way to send tokens in bulk ?

do i need an airdrop smart contract or there is smt built in on the plugin ?

while it lowballs my estimates, for my users it shows error. This is on polygon network, would love to get this fixed or a manual gas field. Andrew, you’re the man!

It can’t be fixed on plugin end, the gas is calculated automatically. We can add an optional gas price field tho.

You would need a smart contract for this, or you could use the Web3 Backend and do a loop to send to all wallets one by one

yes thats i was thinking to avoid a smart contract :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: don’t know why the workflow elements on my end look different from the Backend plugin on the example ? i want to follow the example provided

These are 2 totally different plugins. If you are working with Web3 Manager, please write it’s forum thread to avoid confusion. Thank you!


Is there a way to read from the smart contract where I can find all the NFTs listed under one creator’s address?

Since now we can filter by owner’s address, but what about the creator’s address.

That would be awesome!

I would use moralis api for this

Update v.2.16

New feature:

Wrap/Unwrap native tokens

Convert ETH/BNB/MATIC or any other native token (depends on the chain) to WETH/WBNB/WMATIC etc. and vice versa.

The action will trigger an event when it is successful “Wrap-Unwrap event Done

Hi, How can I filter NFTs by categories like art, sports, etc along with price?

Hi, I’m not sure how it is related to the plugin itself… it all depends on the NFT metadata.
Maybe ask it in a separate forum thread?

I don’t really get what exactly is your issue?
You are the only one complaining about it. Can you describe what are you trying to accomplish?

Send it in PM to avoid spamming.

Dear web3 devs, consider become a Patron for one to one support :slight_smile:
I’m trying my best to help all of you but it is really time consuming.

Can I set up early access mint for my NFT Collection with this. e.g a website where people could mint using metamask login and then minting nfts ?

Can I also change my smart contract configurations and rules?

If your contract have such functions to change configurations then yes, you can use them with this plugin with plugin action “Write smart contract”

Yes, it is up to you how to setup the website, the plugin gives you a tool to work with metamask and smart contract. How to orginise the early access is up to you since Bubble is really flexible.

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Is it possible to filter the balance of token dynamic data function? I have two get balance calls (for two different tokens) and I would like to update a text field based on only one token.

Use the Bubble’s “Condition” and “Only when” features so when a certain condition is met, you can show the other token.

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Thank you for your answer.
Which condition should I use in order to catch the respond of the get balance action?