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🦊 [Plugin] Web3 & MetaMask by EzCode

Take a look in the documentation
The result of this action will be available in the State To Wei result

I figured it out! Thanks

Sorry for another question… but how does the Read Smart Contract action work? For example, I want to read and display my Smart Contract’s Balance of Matic, since it’s on Polygon. Confused on how to accomplish this.

We have a few demo pages that shows different implementations, here is a demo of read smart contract function

However, if you want to check the balance of a token, there’s a separate function that do just that.
Look in this demo page, section Balance of token.
Also, again, in the documentation:

Hi guys, first congratulations for the Web3 Plugin, AMAZING!!!
I would like to know if there is any functionality for my application to detect the Metamask extension installed in the User Browser.

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yes it is possible through event Metamask is Installed

Update v. 2.10

New feature for Utils element:

Subscribe to New Block mined event

  • New actions: Subscribe/Unsubscribe
  • New states: New Block NR, Subscribed to new Block event(Yes/No)
  • New event: New Block Mined



This feature can be used as a timer to check for changes on the blockchain, so you can use a fixed block N for an event to happen, and use this subscription to notice when the block N was mined.

Hey, does your plugin allow receiving events from contract? My contract will emit an event with values whenver i write to the contract but i am not sure how to do this with the plugin.

Hey, this is our next feature to be added. We are working on it currently. Will be finished soon.

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Hey thanks for letting me know! looking forward to it!!

Sorry Any timeline we are looking at?

This week should be done.

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How do I get a simple NFT mint button working?

I have the connect metamask button but I get this error when I try to mint

Are there any guides or tutorials explaining what to do for this?

Your number of param is wrong, have to refer to your contract function… how many param your contract require?

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Yes, you have to learn how to interact with smart contract in general in order to work with them.
There are plenty of tutorials on youtube about it.

In this particular error you have set 2 parameters but your contract expects one.

I’m struggling to read NFT Metadata. Perhaps i’m doing something wrong. When I interact with the DEMO as well, it does not work. I’ve tested a couple contract id’s from etherscan. Is the token ID just an int 1,2,3,4? Please help!

when using the Deploy Contract; how do you create or generate the Bytecode and ABI?

Generation should be done on your computer or on some web server.

First of all, make sure that the contract you are using is verified on etherescan, if yes, make sure to use the correct ID.
For example this NFT you can find the ID in the token details.
Also make sure that you are connected on the same network as the contract.

Update v.2.11

New feature in Utils element

Subscribe to Contract events

Action fields

Related Events and States
  • Event: Subscribed to Contract Event

  • Event: Unsubscribed to Contract Event

  • State: Contract Event Data

Demo page You may be interested :slight_smile:

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