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🦊 [Plugin] Web3 & MetaMask by EzCode

Can you post error code? Are the args array wrapped?

Could be wrong syntax for parameters, show us a screenshot of it

Hello guys :slight_smile:

I just bought your amazing web3/metamask pluggin :grinning:
Im trying to build a Dapp ethereum on bubble,
My plan is to have a landingpage, with informations and a connect button.
When you click on the button, you connect your metamask, you sign a message et then you are “logged in”.
Then some restricted page can be see only if you are logged in
Do you think we can do something like that?
If yes, do you have examples?

could be nice to speak about it :slight_smile:


Hi there!
Yes we do have such example,

In this example, a new user is added to database, using the sign message response as a password, and wallet address as an email.
There’s a link to app editor as well.

Hey :slight_smile:
Thanks for your response

  • Do you know if there is a way to do the access data management more properly than hide html if you are not logged in?
    Otherwise I can just check in my console the “hidden” html
  • can we also do that thing for pages access?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Bubble doesn’t render elements if they are hidden on first page load.
So, if the element was hidden when page firstly loaded, you can’t show it via console :wink: Try it yourself.

Add conditional on page load, for example, if wallet is not connected, do a redirect.

Okay so I’ve narrowed down the problem. I have a payable function that has an option for users to pay or not based on boolean parameter. When the boolean is set to false, and the contract does not require any eth paid, I am setting the “Transaction Value” field to 0 which is throwing an error. Any ideas?

Is it possible to swap tokens using the features of this plugin? Example: have a dropdown for a major token like ETH, BNB and let them swap it for a custom BEP20 or ERC20 token and have a function to calculate the exchange rate automatically?

Hi ! I am facing the same issue but cannot find the answer since discussion went to PM haha
would you be able to share the solution ? everything else works fine but the basic send i can’t get it to work ! thank you so much crazy plugin btw

i have a quick question , is it possible to make some kind of a faucet where you enter your address and recieving testtokens to this wallet ? by using “Send token With Metamask Web3&MetaMask A” function ?
thank you

how i do don’t trigger next step in workflow untill tx goes through ?
thanks if anyone can help with this

I have had something similar with boolean. There seems to be a small bug with the write contract function when the input is a bool. No matter how I formatted the bool I could not reliably pass a true false value to the solidity function. I tried the default yes/no (which should be true/false in the backend) format, tried to format it as a number and use 0/1 and I tried text with true/false but none worked. I even tried to pass a hex 0x0 or 0x1 but that did not work. I solved it by changing my contract input to int and then checking if the integer is 1 or not in the contract. This is a work around and ultimately a bool would be better. Maybe the devs could look at it or if someone knows how to format bool so they can pass to solidity contracts, that detail would be helpful.

Hello, this will be possible with our other plugin, will be out soon :wink:

The boolean bug was solved in the latest version 2.12.3 for the write smart contract action, do you met this problem somewhere else?

nice ! please notify me when its there

Thanks, I was still on version 2.12.2. I have updated and it is now working. Thank you for this great plugin and support.

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this will open infinit possibilities by allowing to create hybrid smart contracts :wink: lets goooo

sure :wink:

Hello DeFi/Bubble pros. Would anyone with a good understanding of this plugin be willing to make some tutorial videos and/or do a couple coaching sessions?

Name your rate :sunglasses: PMs are open :pray:

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