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🦊 [Plugin] Web3 & MetaMask by EzCode

Yes! :wink:

Sorry I should have mention some where that, in your Privacy Rules for Users database, the “Everyone Else” section should have the checkbox checked for View All fields and Find in searches!

Hey guys, let us know what do you think of paying with crypto on Bubble?

Would love to know if this is possible with a single page mobile application. (I have the meta mask iOS app) however the workflow does not open metamask app on my phone. I’m using ‘Walletconnect’ Plugin to connect users wallet. How can I go about integrating Web3 & MetaMask on mobile?

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Perfect thankyou! Solved :smiley:

What I am having a problem with now is that when I refresh it logs out the user. I followed the logs and It thinks that MetaMask has disconnected so therefore logs the person out.

Have a look.


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Yes for sure! By the way ezdev, I really appreciate what you are building, I honestly think its a matter of time that some really good DAPPs get built with your plugins. :+1: :+1:

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Seems like something is missing in your workflow, can you send a link to app editor in PM?

Hi I was wondering if it is possible to use the plugin to see all the NFT’s a user owns on the network. For example, if I was building an app where oncer a user’s wallet is connected, all their NFT’s should show up on the page. Is this possible?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Hi, to achive this, take a look at the OpenSea API or Rarible SDK. It all depends on what chain you will use.

Hello, thanks for your hard work.

I have an issue with BUSD payment. Simple “send token with Metamask”

Metamask asking 0.38 bnb for the gas fee. How can I solve that problem??

If the gas price is too high, most likely some of the parameters are incorrect, maybe the receiver wallet? Take a look at step by step and look into each parameter field if it is correct

Hello! Is it possible in this plugin to send tokens from my address to different addresses in one transaction?

Hey @ezdev great plugin!

Quick question, is there a downside to having a User connect their Wallet with this plugin or WalletConnect and then proceeding to use their public Wallet ID without asking the user to Sign?

I basically just want to verify what the User’s Wallet ID is, and then I can use the Wallet ID in an API call to verify what I need. It seems like its common to ask the user for a Signature so I was curious if I should include one? (or is it easily ‘hackable’ if there is not a signature?)

Great job, love it!

Right in time

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Yes of course, the demo with signature was made only if you want to sign up a user in the database. For other cases this is not needed, you can use the wallet ID right away after the wallet connection.

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Hello, yes sure thing, just use the action “Send token With Metamask”. If you want to do it automatically without metamask connected, you can use the backend version of this plugin.

is there a way to fetch data before executing a swap ? like price impact , slippage fees etc ?

Hello, awesome plug-in! Thanks for making this. I am having an issue with the pricing for my token, they’re very inflated. I went through everything and believe it is all setup correctly. If the token I’m trying to show pricing for is Gwei do I need to add something additional when converting to Wei? Or maybe an additional conversion after? Any help would be amazing. Thanks again.

Can you show me your setup? You can send it in PM


When I use the send token action, I often get an inaccurate gas recommendation by the plugin? Why is this? Is it using an api to get a recommendation?

Most likely something is wrong with the given parameters, incorrect amount, incorrect contract address or maybe wrong network, anything.