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🦊 [Plugin] Web3 & MetaMask by EzCode

You want me to help you correct your code? Sorry but I don’t have time for this.
Using this plugin, users can buy things from your website with ETH or other currencies.
As I said, there’s a demo page with examples on how to implement it + there’s a documentation.


Nice, thanks for understanding…

  1. How can i use this plugin if will not work on my OWN created website?

  2. How to give users chance to buy my things with CUSTOM Value of ETH?

Unfortunately this plugins was made specifically for Bubble platform.
I would recommend you to take a try, Bubble is easy to learn and really powerful .

If you don’t know Bubble, you will not understand even if I will explain, please come back if you will decide to work with Bubble :wink:

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Hello there,

I am trying to pull the token balance from my wallet using this plugin but i get an error in the decimal place. Its fetches the balance but the decimal is in the wrong position. Any advice?

this is not an error, it is how the number is formatted (it depends on the region)
You can use the Formatted function from Bubble.


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Thank you for the swift response. Here are some screenshots.

This is the result:

And this is the actual balance:

Thank you for the clarification.
Now I see where’s the problem, looks like there’s a bug with big numbers indeed.

We will try to fix it asap.


Heads up on the new update @ezdev - I’m getting an error when using the chain token symbol as the token address when getting the balance of that address. It was working properly in the previous version.

P.S. - :heart: the contract write function additions! Thanks for adding this!


Hi @mitchell
Thank you for the bug report!
We have fixed it and pushed an update, take a look.


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Hey @ezdev
Are there any plans for NFT integration? I’m working on a feature that would need to check the user’s wallet for a specific NFT (token address + ID). Also (this may be a separate plugin idea) having the capability to mint an NFT would be incredibly useful (for me and for a multitude of other use cases).

Thanks for the quick bug fix! Cheers


just realized I can do the latter via writing to/reading from a smart contract :slight_smile:


Hey, also interested in this, and wondering how one would use the plugin to mint and transfer programmatically. I realize this is focused on Metamask, but wondering if the web3 integration can be leveraged without the user (me) manually minting and sending.

Do you think this use case is possible? Someone connects with their wallet and purchases an NFT. In response, a workflow mints the nft and transfers it to them.

Great plugin. When I stumbled across it I thought I must be dreaming. :wink:


@ron2 found this guide, best one I’ve come across: 🪄How to Mint an NFT - alchemy

Also check out the IPFS plugin on Bubble


I’m really happy that you figured it out, the plugin Read and Write functions are really powerful!

We are working on an additional demo page that will show how to work with the Write function.

We have launched the version 2.0 that is now capable of Write Smart Contract.
That means that it can now do everything a DAPP would need!

Vote for us on Product hunt:

Demo Uniswap Clone on Bubble:


the addition is really awesome ! am pretty new to bubble and not too familiar with plugin as well , can you make some tutorials showing steps how to make some Dapps utilizing this magical plugin :smiley: ?
thank you for encouraging dummies like me to miss with Dapps

Hi, @jaybiziado,
I’m glad you are interested!
Bubble is easy to learn :wink:
I would recommend starting studying how Bubble works so you will then understand how the plugin works.
There are a few good tutorials by Bubble itself, see here.

Then, come back to our plugin demo pages, we have a few of them, you can open their editor to see how they works from the inside.

On all demo pages, you will find a link to the app editor, to see them from the inside.

Good luck with your studying!


i checked the examples and bought the plugin , absolutely amazing stuff and how easy they look , am allergic to code :sweat_smile:
if i want to do a different kind of Dapps , lets say same farming or else , do i need to look into web3 js ?
thank you for the quick reply

A farming site would require some solidity contracts, if you know how they work and how to deploy your own contracts, it should be easy to integrate them with Bubble.

Firstly, look into how to interact with smart contracts if you don’t know how to do it yet. You can do it on etherscan or bscscan.

So, a farming site on Bubble sounds really amazing, but you should do a bit of research on how it all works, Bubble + web3 plugin helps you to skip the front-end coding so you won’t waste time on it.

You can contact me in PM if you will have other questions unrelated to the plugin :wink: