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🦊 [Plugin] Web3 & MetaMask by EzCode

We’re using Polygon for our project. Would this impact the plugin? Transactions work, we just have issues with gas recommendations at times.

Try to do a test with exact same setup but on a Rinkeby network, with a test token. If you will get the same issue, then there is definitely something wrong with the parameters.

UPDATE: New feature

Trigger MetaMask to add a custom token in the assets list


The action is available in the Utils element.

Demo page

Hm. Theres few parameters so i’m unsure of what I could be doing wrong. I noticed in lower quantities of the token, the gas estimation works fine, but when sending higher quantities, its much higher and gives me an error that the transactions expected to fail.

Maybe it exceeds your balance? If not, send a link to your app in PM, I will take a look

Hello, creators of the plugin. You made a cool product, I use it in my client project. But here’s one thing. I run different metamask wallets and different laptops. In one balance is perfectly unloaded (Mac OS), in the other empty (Windows). What can be the problem?

Hi there,
Is it the same wallet and it is connected to the same chain?
Also, take a look in the console logs, see if there are any errors.
You could give me access to your app and I will take a look.


Is there any way to generate a payment request QR code (deeplink) programmatically? This can be done within the mm app but I wonder if it could be done through this plugin?

Thank you!

Just in case it helps, you can use this site to generate a deep link of your app which you can then use to trigger to opening of the Metamask mobile app from a mobile browser lik Chrome. This idea is to open your site in the Metamask integrated browser so your users can connect with Metamask. The issue is that the deeplink only opens the metamask mobile app and not the link (i hear it’s a known bug). So what I did is to use the condition below to open a popup informing users that they have to open their metamask mobile app by clicking on the deeplink if metamask isn’t installed, and if it’S installed, simply connect with metamask as instructed by ezdev above…



Our plugins does the exact same think what that site is doing, there’s nothing special or magically different.
Also, we recently updated this action, should work better now.

We solved this error by changing the workflow a bit. Now we have a new error)

I tested on 5 different computers and there was no error. But when my client tries to make a transaction for, for example, $300, he gets a Metamask value of almost a billion dollars. In the database, the values are stored correctly. He has this error on two computers

Oh sorry, I didnt notice the Open Metamask app action as I had not updated the plugin in a while. I just tried this action but the deeplink does not work there either. It only triggers the metamask app to open the home screen, but not to open the actual link in the integrated browser. Were you able to have a link directly be opened in the integrated browser @ezdev ??

Yes but not every time.
Once again I will repeat it a million times, I don’t recommend using daps on a mobile app in the first place, there are a lot of limitations on the MetaMask side.
Web3 DAPS are not the usual apps that must be mobile first, IMO.

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I found the same error in myself. In the Etherium network it is there, in Binance it is not

Best plugin on bubble. Question, on the docs there is this message “You will be able to check the transaction status only if the user don’t close/refresh the page. We will add an additional action to check the transaction status by its ID in the future updates, so you could check it in any case.” - This was for sending tokens. When can we expect this update?

Thank you!

Already added, use the Get Transaction confirmations from the Utils element.
I will update the documentation, thank you!

> Important update v2.15

Fixed a critical bug with Send Token action, it was calculating incorrectly the amount to send for tokens with different amount of decimals than the standard 18.

So the user can refresh the page and it will take their transaction status?

Is this updated? Some of my users have received error under the transaction status, would this affect this error message

If you had this error before, update the plugin and do a few tests yourself, but it should work now.
Maybe use a testnet for testing.