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🦊 [Plugin] Web3 & MetaMask by EzCode

We are using Binance Blockchain.

There is an API. But for some reason we can’t seem to find a simple

Get transaction endpoint that returns the status and amounts

Hi, Does web3 & MetaMask plugin works with mobile? We are facing issues on mobile phone.
Can you guide?


Hi, on mobile it works inside the Metamask app, in its integrated browser.
If you want to connect to Metamask from the mobile native browser, use WalletConnect.

You can use this plugin to check a transaction from binance chain

Hi All,

Apologies for the newbie question. I tried to search on this page, but didn’t find the answer, hence posting this

Is it possible to use this plugin to connect metamask to a locally hosted chain? Normally we can connect metamask to localhost but I am not sure how that would work here.

Thanks in advance. Sorry again if this is a stupid question.

Hi, yes it is possible, it will work perfectly fine, just as with any other chain :wink:

No worries, you can join our community on Discord and ask any other question there as-well :wink:

Update v.2.19

New features:

  • Action: Trigger MetaMask To Switch Chain
  • Action: Request to add chain in MetaMask wallet
  • Event: Chain ID not added in the Wallet
    Will trigger when trying to run the switch chain action but the selected chain id was not added previously in the wallet


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Hi @ezdev so what caused the issue was because I was using a “limit the app access with a username and password”. once I removed it, everything worked perfectly. This settings is seen in “Settings” > “General” > “Limit access to this app with a username and password” checkbox.

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Would it be possible to add a feature in that plugin to also check the value of the transaction for a BEP20 token. As we are not using BNB, the ‘value’ field is always 0…


@ezdev can I use this plugin to validate if a user has a specific asset in his/her wallet?

To give you context:

I’m building a platform for holders of my NFT and I want only those that have that NFT in their wallet to be able to sign in. Is that possible?

Yes of course, use the read contract action.
But just so you know, we are working on a separate simple action to check the NFT balance, it will be available in next few days :wink:

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Hey! Is it possible to make some kind of condition, like “if the token with address 0x… is not added to the metamask”, then a workflow is launched to add this token, for example, USDT in the Binance Smart Chain network?
And vice versa. If the user has already added the USDT to Metamask on the BSC network, then the workflow for adding the token does not run…

Can you explain this a bit more? So a user makes a deposit, and the transaction takes about 5 minutes. If the user navigated away, there is no way the transaction gets captured? How do you handle this?