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🦊 [Plugin] Web3 & MetaMask by EzCode

To be more specific I would have to take a look into your app, can you send a link to app editor in PM?

Please let me know if you got my private message that I sent yesterday. Thank you

Hi @Builder125 , I’m sorry for the delayed response.
I’m on it now, I’ll respond to you asap.

Update v.2.4

  • New action: Send Transaction

Each field has a description in the documentation below it.

Hi great plugin and thank you for setting this up. Is it possible to do a crypto exchange like poo coin using this plug-in? Considering it can interact with Pancakeswap’s smart contacts.

In theory yes, we actually did an example using the Pancakeswap Smart Contract, take a look here:

Just be aware that exchange rates must to be up to date, you will have to manage it somehow to be correct at any point in time. Our demo page was made as simple as possible for demo purposes.

Update v.2.5

New feature: Get NFT Metadata

You can now extract an ERC712 Metadata using its contract address.

What’s new:

  • Action: Get NFT Metadata
  • Event: NFT Metadata is Ready
  • State: NFT Metadata

You can test it on demo page.
Don’t forget to switch the network to the ETH Mainnet


Thank you, that’s amazing DAPPs are the future of Finance. Will definitely give this a try next month. Worth the try given how good your customer service is.

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Is there any way, when we click event in mobile browser then open metamask mobile app?

The only way is to use the MetaMask integrated browser. This is the most secure way and will work on all devices.

Is there any way we can make deeplink to open the app, while calling from mobile safari, chrome, or firefox?

We are currently working on an update to add deeplink.
However, deeplink is limited in functionality and we strongly recommend to use any DAPP in the MM integrated browser.

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