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🦊 [Plugin] Web3 & MetaMask by EzCode

Update v.2.8

  • New event: User selected another Wallet

Will trigger when a user is logged into your app with more than 1 wallet selected and he switches between them.

Check the documentation for details.

I’m using the “write” action to mint an NFT from my smart contract. I want to see the resulting transaction hash in my bubble app. Can the plugin do this?

(My smart contract works and I can see the transaction hashes on the block explorer.)

Of course, the transaction hash can be found in the state Transaction Hash ID
It will be available once the event Transaction sent successfully is triggered, see the documentation

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Perfect. Thanks for your help. I’ve got this plugin working together nicely with your Pinata plugin to mint NFT’s.

Another Q if you don’t mind - what’s the best way to take a platform fee with each MetaMask transaction?

Great plugin @ezdev , have several installed in my projects.

what would be the best way to set up a workflow for this contract:

(1) John buys $100 of tokenA, sends $100 in ETH (send token with Metamask)

(2) Admin wallet sends 100 of tokenA equivalent to John

For (2), is it best to use a smart contract extension like crowdsale? or is there a way to send it with existing send/transfer functions

The best way is to write your own smart contract that would do that, any other way would be too expensive.
Another idea would be to use already existing solutions (We are working on something similar, will be available soon :wink:

Doing it automatically would require using admin’s wallet private keys. Currently this is not possible in our plugin but will be soon.
Another way would be, as you say, to use a smart contract.


Hi there. This is likely an ignorant question, as I’m very new to the world of Web3. That said, would it be possible to use this plugin along with the Tatum API to mint NFT’s on behalf of users without implementing the Tatum KMS?

Does this plugin offer the capability to mint NFT’s?

Hi there, I’m not familiar with their platform, but usually to mint a NFT you will need a smart contract, so, if their platform have a smart contract then you can easily interact with it using Web3 plugin.

Not on its own.

I set up my own smart contract. Here’s a beginner’s tutorial: 🎨 How to Create an NFT Tutorial - Alchemy

I then use the ‘write’ action on the MetaMask plugin to mint an NFT from my smart contract.

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Thank you, sir!

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@ezdev hey, guys! Yesterday I saw your plugin and was shocked! I didn’t sleep all night) This is what I was looking for! Thank you, it’s amazing!

I have one question. When I open an application with a plugin in a browser without MetaMask, I get an error. (I took a screenshot)

How can I make the page with the MetaMask installation appear instead of the error? (Just like they have

Hi there, glad that you liked the plugin.

The plugin has a state called MetaMask is Installed
Use this state as a reference to show different content or URL when it is not installed. Just like we did in this demo.
See the group Group Not Installed, there is a conditional that uses this.

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I am having a problem with the send token function.

I made 3 inputs.

Wallet address - text

token address - text

amount - decimal

I tried to send 1 USDC to the address but when it ran the function it tried to send 1000000000000 USDC to the address.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank You!

Hello, why is not posible take a metadatas of default token 721?

Are you converting amount to WEI? If yes, then it is not needed. Check our example of sending a token here (Workflow Button Send clicked)

Hi, have you tried the get NFT Metadata action? If it doesn’t work then most likely it has different ABI than usual or it is not verified.

You can try to get it by using the Read Contract action, find what function returns the link to metadata in the contract address, and use it. We have a demo page of read contract example here.

Hi thank you for getting back to me.

No, I’m not converting it to wei. Do I need to?

I’m just trying to send 1 USDC to the address, so I just put the amount as 1 in the amount box.

On the example page, I don’t see anything different from what I’m doing

Thank you for helping me.

Weird, you can send a link to your app and I will take a look. Send it in PM

On what chain this is deployed? I can’t find it in the explorer.

I will contact you in PM to avoid spam here.

Hey EZCode team. I would appreciate some advice to determine if this plugin could work for my app’s use case.

Would a user be able to:

  • Set up an account using their metamask wallet? Basically, I only want my app to run wallet auth vs relying on email/password
  • Pay for a monthly membership fee with their metamask eth? Not sure if metamask allows monthly payment setups or if they only allow single payments.

Thank you in advance!