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🦊 [Plugin] Web3 & MetaMask by NovaBloq

i see that now that you can add a smart contract and interact with it , i have this as a example i want to try to see how i do that with bubble , can you help me please

Your example contract should be deployed, on any network, even on a testnet.
Deploy it firstly, and then you will be able to interact with it with from Bubble.

hi ezcode team,

Great plugin! Very simple question from me that i was hoping you could help with. I am trying to extract the contract ABI for the first time and was able to do so using binance and the sample pancakeswap contract address you had in your example. however, when switching to rinkeby testnet and trying to extract a contract ABI it never returns the abi contract ready event. Any ideas? this is the mock contract on rinkeby i was using for testing:

Hi team, I’m having problems with the metamask plugin.
Could you tell me if metamask on the testnet network is working normally?

all the data I request from my wallet and contract is wrong.

The plugin didn’t supported the rinkeby testnet, but we have added this now, please update to the latest version 2.1.0
We also added API Key field, you may need it for extract ABI action.

Where to get the API key

The key is free and can be created on, it can be used for the Kovan, Rinkeby, Ropsten, and Goerli Testnets.

For BSC use bscscan.

This update could help you as-well, if you are using the rinkeby testnet.
Please update to the latest version.

ah! awesome thanks for the quick response!! you guys rock!

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withdrew prior posts as i can see where to add api key from etherscan. However, upon entering api key still not getting a return from extract contract ABI call on Rinkeby testnet. Using this contract address as an example:

Any ideas? is there a way to troubleshoot this? step by step on bubble only shows the extract contract abi call was executed but then inspection of Web3 Util shows that Extracted ABI is empty. so something not registering or successful in between? Thanks in advance!

There are a few issues, the first one is from our part, there was a minor error in the url formating, but we have fixed it and pushed an update, make sure you are on the latest version 2.1.1

The second problem is that the contract source code for the token that you are using is not verified:

Here’s how a verified contract looks like:

If you are the token creator, make sure to verify it.

If you are not, there’s one workaround that you can do, most tokens have a similar ABI, at least for the main functions like approve, get balance etc.
You can get the ABI from other token and use it on this unverified token.

I think your tweak did it, was able to successfully retrieve a contract ABI on rinkeby! Very much appreciated, and once again, awesome work!

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One more follow up question. Can the Read Contract call equally be used to trigger events/write actions? Is it simply a matter of calling a method within the smart contract that triggers the event with the proper parameters passed through?

No, and why? There’s a separate action for write.
Write and Read contract are totally different functions used differently in code.

ah you’re right! will look at uniswap sample for write example, please disregard!

hi @mitchell and @ron2 i’m also curious about this. Are you creating a smart contract outside of bubble first and then using bubble/web3 to simply generate tokens and transfer?

Can someone please help? I am trying to create a simple wallet app that allows people to send my bnb back and forth but the gas price is outrageous and there is no way to change it.

Yes, smart contracts are written and deployed separately, after that, you can interact with them with Web3 plugin.

Most likely you have setup something incorrectly, can you provide a link to the app editor? You can send it in PM, I will try to help you.

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I have a question @ezdev

i’m currently working on integrating this amazing plugin into my application — i’m building a DAPP that Is meant for both web & mobile use.

I notice this plugin does not currently deeplink to open a IOS/Android native metamask wallet — this feature would be icing on the cake for me! Any ideas on how this is possible, or maybe another solution to connect metamask wallet on mobile devices?

I ’m loving the work I’ve seen being done to create and manage this plugin!

Thank you in advance

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+1 mobile MM wallet integration would be delicious

I’m having trouble getting metamask to open and connect upon clicking the button I set as connect. I copied the workflow from the demo (when button connect is clicked > connect to Metamask Web3&Metamask A ). What am I doing wrong?

searching for my dapp test URL using metamask browser does work fine!

currently, the plugin works very well in the native MetaMask app integrated browser, here is how it looks like:

I strongly recommend using any DAPP in the MetaMask integrated browser to avoid any errors.