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Plugin WGD Mentions

WGD Mentions

A new plugin from our team, that allows you to customise and use mentions within an input and multiple input element.

Add the element to the page to customise the colours, rounded corners. We even hidden the scroll to make it look that much more smoother.

See Demo Page:

Quick set up

  1. On page load add, to the workflow - Setup mentions
  2. Set any character to be the trigger i.e @, #, etc
  3. Set the search of the data that you wish to show in the list

Set up style

Add WGD mentions element to page, and edit style settings to suit.

styles 1

To purchase:

Any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

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Thanks so much for this @WGDPluginTeam!

Couple of questions in the context of a social platform:

1/ Is it possible to customise the number of mentions offered in the results list?

I would ideally only like to show 5 results (which would dynamically change the more characters that are entered/the more specific the search becomes)

A bit like with the Bubble Forum, typing in “@w” you get:

Which forces the user to enter more characters in order to find the right result (which for me is helpful from a privacy point of view, vs being able to view the entire list by simply typing “@”).

Which bring me to my next question:

2/ Is it possible to customise how many characters have to be typed before you see any results?
Again with Bubble you have to type at least one character, whereas with WGD you can just type @ and see the full list (of users, in my case).

Thanks again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi @cjrb this plugin doesn’t support a limit on the list unless you load it with less and it searches when calling the @.

Yes agree with the above poster @WGDPluginTeam , thank you so much for this plugin!

I have 2 questions as well,

  1. Can it handle 3 different types of tags at the same time (@, #, and $)
  2. Hypothetically if my app reaches 10,000 users then this plugin won’t scale, since it loads all tags on page load, am I right? Also my app is a SPA so the tags would always get loaded

Do you do plugin customization?

Thanks for your help!


Hey thanks for your question.

  1. It only supports one trigger character, but shouldn’t be hard to add the 3 in the code.
  2. Yes. Maybe, it would scale better if it searched for the top 10 results with the text in the database. That probably would solve the SPA problem too.
    We can look into further development on Mentions