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[PLUGIN] - What3Words Advanced + Google Map (drawing/geometry)

Hi Paul!

Sorry for the delay in the answer.

I can’t get it to work. Put coordinates on click in Yes, but no change the value when i click a diferent polygons.

I am using this state for print into text the value, and not change.


Any ideas?

N probs.
Ok, can you send me the link to your editor as I need to see it in order to understand what’s going on. PM it over if that’s ok.

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Quick update…

The following actions now have the ability to upload their generated files into your S3 storage area.

Generate KML file

Generate GPX file


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Great work here!

Haven’t seen throughout the thread, although very few similar options…

Is there a possibility to make a radius around a location, as to pulsate in the very best way?



Hello how are you.

I purchased the plugin directly in my bubble app for $40, and now I need to generate the API key in What3Words, how do I do this?

Another question is, the google maps key, which API is it? javascript? geocode? I have this doubt.

Hi @it117

The way to generate the key is to follow the link in the original post where it says “Get started with the what3words API” and the Google maps key is just that. It’s the same one which you’d put into your settings area within your app. All the geometry stuff comes from the turf library and the drawing tools functionality is put into the plugin and handled accordingly.

Hope that helps.

Hi @conesult ,

Great idea this and I’ll look at adding any shape (including a circle) around a marker, where the marker will always be central to the middle of the shape.

I may take the existing “Draw shape” action and add an option for you to specify a marker. When a marker is included into the options for that action, then the shape will be positioned so that the marker is in the middle. As for the pulsating ability, I will look at what I can do but I suspect that won’t be easy with the shapes on the map. You never know though, I may find a solution.

Leave it with me for a few days and I’ll get back to you.


Update v1.82.0

"Dynamic Circle’s around markers"

Inside the “Set marker” and “Set list of markers” actions are some new fields which allow for a circle to be defined around a marker at a specified radius.

The single marker action has this new section:

When you run that and the marker appears on the map, it will have the circle drawn around it like so:

The list of markers action has a similar section, but it works off a “radius” field value. If you’re storing radiuses in your database and you point this action at the field so it gets a value, then it will automatically draw the circle, like so:

In the element itself are 2 additional options which only work when markers have been drawn onto the map with this circle. They are:

If you’ve noticed the slider in the second and third image of this post, these options allow for that functionality to work.

Have fun!

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Hello how are you?

I need:

1st - I receive a list of data, in which I don’t have an icon defined, and so, the default remains… how do I insert my own icons when it doesn’t appear in the list via api “in my case”.

2nd - When I make a drawing of any type, I have the markers in the variable ( contains marker ids ) that are there inside the drawing, now how do I add a new marker when I click on it inside the ( contains marker ids ) ?

Can you help me?

Hi @it117
I’m good thank you.

I’m sorry but I’m not sure I understand you here. Could you send me a couple of screenshots showing what you mean? Hopefully some of the info below will help.

If you have some data list and you’re trying to use that to insert a list of markers, but you want to use a custom marker of some kind, then assuming you’re using the ‘Set list of markers’ action, you’d just have to point this option to wherever you’ve saved the markers in your database.


However, if you’re using the actual options within the Map element instead to dynamically add markers (these will update when the data changes in the database) then you define the Data type first which will bring up the list of fields and then you select the field which contains your marker image, like so…


When you want to add a new marker to the map using the drawing tools, first thing you have to do is run the ‘Enable drawing tools’ action. After that, you can either click the ‘marker’ icon as shown here…


Or you can use the ‘Select drawing mode’ action like this…

Both of these will require a click on the map to insert a marker.