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Plugins: audio message, current location, video chatting and texting

Hi everyone!
I need these in the app:
1- I want to enable a user to record an audio message and share his current location to send it to another user of his choice.
2- I want to enable video chatting
3- I want a user to be able to chat with another user at any time s/he wants.

Hi there,

These three features aren’t so quick to build, so it’s hard to give an answer in a forum message. Maybe try to condense the questions and we can help.

For 1) use the audio recorder plugin and then you can send that with the current users location to someone. That’s the high level requirement.

  1. There are so many different ways to do this, we’d need to know more info on which one you want to use.

  2. Chat with another user, you can build a chat feature. Two data types = Message, Thread. You’d attach messages to threads, and have users in the thread data type.

We have all of these features as in depth tutorials at by the way, if you’re interested in learning through video!


Hey! If you’re still looking for a plugin, do try out AtomChat. The plugin is feature-rich and is highly functional and robust, fit for any modern website!