Plugins randomly don't load

I’ve waited to post this as I assumed it was bugs in the plugins, in the browser, etc, but I’m starting to see this very frequently, to the point of not being able to use plugins at all.

Element plugins frequently simply never show up at all, or show up as empty frames. The last few months, at least ten different plugins have behaved this way, including every single datepicker in the plugin store, the BDK PhoneInput plugin, the BDK Text editor, Input Formatter, Trix Rich Text Input, Card Validator and several more that I haven’t written down.

The more complex an app becomes, the more frequently it happens, and I’ve found it difficult to isolate a clear reason. With so many plugins not loading, I’m suspecting the problem is Bubble, and not the individual plugins (though I don’t know for sure). Sometimes, replacing the element will solve it for a little while, and some plugins come and go while others never show up at all. Chrome and Firefox behave in the same way. I’m pretty much expecting no element plugins to work properly over time at this point. Not saying this in anger, merely describing our reality at the moment.

  • Are other users seeing this as well? Especially curious about complex apps, as this doesn’t seem to happen frequently on less complex ones. Complex being pages with lots of groups and elements, some custom scripts, numerous plugins, etc.
  • If so, have you found any typical issues that cause this behavior? And/or have you had any dialogue with Bubble on the issue?

@neerja, have you had any reports of this behavior?

@petter A recent example of plugins breaking across apps was due to a deploy conflicting with something. If you are seeing plugins break at a certain large number of groups and pages, it would help to track those patterns and share with our engineering team to investigate.

Last couple of days, on iOS, it happened always @neerja
The first load doesn’t work well, after a refresh, it generally works. It’s some kind of pre-load that doesn’t work. (udpated)

Hi @neerja, thanks for the quick response. I’ve seen the thread you’re linking to, and I should probably have been clearer in my description. This has been going on a lot longer than the recent outage, and, from my perspective, plugins seem to become increasingly unreliable as an apps complexity increases.

I know that’s an extremely vague bug report, which is why I brought it up here first, to see if others had experienced the same thing and if we could circle in the cause or at least reproduce it reliably somehow. Project deadlines, etc. has forced us to continue development and find other solutions, so I haven’t been able to send in a decent quality bug report.

The plugins are not causing any errors in the console, they just don’t load properly. They’ll sometimes show up as a completely unformatted text input box that does nothing, but most often they won’t show anything at all, even though the elements can still be found in the element Inspector in the debug console.

Any advice on what could be causing this, and what I can do to either try and fix it or what kind of data will be helpful for a bug report?

@petter We will keep an eye on this but a bug report whenever you get the chance will help. Plugins not loading properly sounds like a bug and we want to fix it.



Ok, I’ll try to isolate some instances over the coming weeks and send it as a bug reports. Will keep this thread updated if that gets us some new info.

Thanks again.

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