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Plugins Screen Blank

Hi All,

Brand new Bubbler here looking for some help to get started. I 'm creating a workflow and as an action I want to be able to call an API. When I navigate from the Workflow to the Plugins screen it is blank and so I cant install anything. I can install from the Plugins menu on the page but can’t seem to access that from my workflow. What Am I doing wrong?

@Currently.Jason welcome to the community!

Open the plugins screen again and search for API CONNECTOR which is a plugin built by Bubble. Give it a few seconds as this is quite slow for some reason … zzz

It is probably the most powerful plugin out there! :grinning:

Within it you can build API calls

Thanks for the quick response :pray:

Still not loading. I must be doing something wrong. I will watch the entire video you linked, just what I need.

I have linked what I’m trying to do here Screen Recording 2021-08-25...


Just type api connector and do not choose categories :+1:t2:

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That’s it. I was too impatient. Thanks.

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