Plugins - separate add/admin of plugs from UI for using them

Would it make sense to move the screen where plugins are searched, viewed and installed (discovery) to a different part of the editor UI than the one where they are actually used? They seem like pretty different use cases.

I’m just wondering if other people agree that it gets a little crammed to mix the two. I could use all of the real estate I can get to do thing like manage the already-installed API connector, and it seems like everything is jammed to the right to make room.

I also wonder if the people who build plugins would want more real estate for description, links, help text, whatever – better discovery.

The editor UI on the left side would then have a link to ‘installed plugins’, and the search/discovery/install UI could move to settings or another spot.


Good point. When working in the API Connector, the plug-in list at left really IS a good bit of wasted real estate.