Plugins suggestion

Hello, I’m new here !

Is there any menu or place on where a newbie can dress a list of the particular features he looking for, and be suggested the right plugins he need to add to his web app template ?

Many thanks

Not that I’m aware of. Best bet is just to post the functionality you need here in the forum and let people chip in with suggestions.

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Hello team,

I need plugins for my web app project to allow each user of the web application to :

  • create an account on the web application
  • create or join an existing contribution family/club/session

Each contribution session includes 10 members who each contribute 100XOF to be recovered after 7 days. As soon as the 10th member has joined an existing session, the web application will force the creation of a new contribution session.

Each user can join as many contribution session as he wants.

Could anyone help me pls ?

Why do you need plugins for this?


You don’t need any plugins for that…

User management and account creation is a standard feature of Bubble, and the rest of what you’ve described should be very simple to create with standard Bubble functionality.