Plus sign before numbers

How can I my users add the plus signal before a positive number input.
I dont Want a text input, but a number input that enables the plus sign;

Ex: +32,04
Currently in Bubble it is: 32,04


Try using the ‘Text’ element with the value being “+” then on the element ‘This element is visible’ unchecked. Also on this element add the following condition:
(be sure to bring the text to the front of the input)

On the input itself, you may need to play around with the positioning and horizontal padding:


This means you can leave the format of the input as a number e.g. decimal, integer
You could also use the ‘Show’ in a Workflow if preferred, but the conditions will execute faster I think.

Hope this is of help.


Thanks Luke.
I made it using the currency prefix and change it to “+” when the value > 0.