[PMA NEW] SaaS - Project Management

Glad to showcase PMA, this template enables users to create Projects and Task. Easily add Collaborators from the Project page. Many hours have been spent to make this template responsive and work the way it’s configured.

SaaS ready to charge subscriptions with Bubble Stripe Plugin. Basic API Webhooks configured reflect changes in Stripe in Bubble Database.

View the template here: https://pmfproject.bubbleapps.io

Marketplace link here: https://bubble.io/template/pma---project-management-1549141348649x352710817822801900

Administrators back-end included to manage users and website configuration.

Documentation: https://goo.gl/dozG6G

Update 20-5: Fixed Responsiveness issues on larger screens on edit pages.


Some updates for today:

  • Updated responsiveness issues on the homepage
  • Re-aligned some boxes on the project page
  • Added conditional statements for repeating groups on the homepage to show/hide groups when data is empty
  • Fixed re-direct issue on homepage for non-logged in users, causing a loop
  • Added a User Management System

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