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Point me to learning resources about designing application logic?

I’m not a developer by training or trade so I’m not familiar with development methodology. I imagine there must be some commonly accepted ways to lay out the logic of a system before starting to build it. Can anyone point me to resources and/or tools that will help me to storyboard my idea before I jump into the nitty gritty of trying to make it a thing?

You don’t need to be a developer, in fact (hushed tones here) it probably helps not to be :smile:

But you ARE a user of the internet, so you kinda know how things should work for the people that matter, the users.

My advice would be to do the tutorials. Then dive in and start mocking up a page or two. Don’t worry about the logic. It is probably as quick to do that as mock up in a tool. Although you do need a certain amount of discipline not to start obsessing with the first element you put on the page.

However, what you could do is look at something like Balsamiq.

The useful bits might be the user generated stuff they have (start from a template, not from scratch).

And also …

Good points, all. I’ve gone through all of the basic tutorials, so have some basic sense of how Bubble works. Now I’m at the stage of knowing what I want my app to do, but no idea of how it does it. You’re right, just setting some stuff on the canvas is the right way to begin. And I’ll definitely check out Balsamiq as well. That looks really interesting.


Also, when it’s about building on Bubble, I strongly suggest to start on… paper! Laying out what your app will look like in terms of page elements, having a draft for the workflows, etc. is great on paper I think, and that’ll make the building process much easier after.

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Actually just grabbed my Moleskine to do just that and thought I’d pop in here first to see if any new comments. So, on it!