Point of Sales ( creating a Point of Sales )

Is it possible to develop a POS application ? Kindly guide me - how can I process. Thank you

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I was entertaining the same thought… Would be interesting to see who weighs in.

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Should be possible in some way or another. Some things like connecting bar code scanners might be tricky, though. But, the general features of a POS (inventory management, reporting options, connecting with e-commerce / inventory systems, and payments) should theoretically be possible, right? :slight_smile:


The thing one may find difficult to implement is bar code… and printing of receipts… and connection to a banks’ card readers…

Best solution would be using Shopify POS and using the shopify API to grab information on the transaction. Obviously it depends on what you exactly want to accomplish.

In general POS should be the same as e-commerce, no?

No, due to card processing and hardware.

Yup, connecting the hardware is gonna be tricky. You might be able to connect it to something like Square (SquareUp.com), but they have their own POS as well, so you might as well use that, then.

something simple, a cafe app?, no need for third party bar scanners etc. trickiest part would be modifiers. Printing should be ok, and something like stripe for cc?

Yeah I think the trickiest is opening the cash drawer. Not sure unless somebody has built a drawer that has an API, then it maybe possible.

For CC, the hardware doesn’t work like a bar code which is just another type of keyboard?

Your right, on the computer the scanner would just work like any other input device. Good point about the drawer hmmmm…

Cash drawer opens automatically when receipt printer prints anything.

Look into Zapier and BarCloud. So you would possibly get to BarCloud via Bubble interfacing with Zapier.

Best of luck with your project. Feel free to reach out via private message.

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@parghev im interested in a pos as well. send me a pm please …thanks

This seems very easy. I have built one myself and am following this thread for the peripherals: Who makes a living out of bubble - #2 by BrianHenderson

He built a POS and talks about peripherals and even where to get them I think.

When implementing POS for your enterprise, a nicely-laid plan is essential. Consider factors and functions that your POS must have for it to work effectively for a higher outcome. Its capabilities must be capable of maximize its overall performance. Consider its flexibility, how friendly it is to apply by your staff and the safety of your information.