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Point Route 53 Domain to Bubble.IO application while retaining existing alias & cname records

I have an application hosted on Bubble. IO

I also have a Route 53 domain and a CloudFront distribution that calls API Gateway. I want to use this domain that I have set up with Route 53 ( When somebody visits this domain I want to give them specific instructions on how to visit the part of the domain that will route them to be bubbled.IO website application that we built.

Here are the options as I see them.

  1. A user visits a specific path in the domain - ex. xyz DOT com/specific-path then I want them to route to the bubble dot io web application that I built.
  2. A user visits a subdomain. DOT com then I would want that subdomain to host the bubble dot io web application.

I was building out a serverless application with Route 53, CloudFront, AWS API Gateway, lambda, & S3. Now I want to migrate my work into bubble. I am looking for a way to handle this migration on the same domain.

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