Pointing multiple domains to the same app.Bubble.io

If I need to park/point a multiple domains to same app. Do I have to point them to my domain providers DNS records or host’s/bubble’s DNS records.

If I park my other domains under the primary domain, can I use bubble’s nameservers.

Id use coalias from @gaimed

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I see, I just have free traffic coming to some parked domain, just wanted to see if I could just point them here. Why pay for something that, I have earned for free, by owning a decent domain.

Tat marketing play better make enough money to pay for CoAlias then :rofl: :rofl:

In your domain settings you could have multiple domains redirect them to the single-domain Bubble app, but to have the app operate and show different domains in the URL bar u need CoAlias


Well the sad reality might be that the feature your talking about can done for free on a wordpress website under the cpanel. Kinda lame that it doesn’t have a basic functionality to park under a domain.

I run ads on my website providing free tools, your right, I am definitely running low budget site.

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Yea hopefully there’s a native feature for it in the future, I see ppl need multiple domains so they settle for third party stuff currently…

There are Sub Apps, where each can have its own domain Sub Apps - Bubble Docs

But that is on the Team plan which is is $350 a month :man_facepalming:

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