Points System for School

G’Day all,

I’ve been tasked of building a points system to display for a schools sports day however I am a bit stuck. I’ve completed all the coding except when it displays the data its only counting how many database entries there are.

Basically the file setup is

  • Backend for staff to enter points (10+)
  • Front End for students to see who has the most points.

What is happening is the front end displays how many entries the certain house database has. What I want it to do is go through and count all the points in one of the databases column and display it as a number. (For Example entry 1 has 25 points, entry 2 has 305 points, entry 3 has 80 points. I need them to add up and display the 410 points (which is the total) on the front end. )


:count is providing you with a count of the number of records in the search.

What you’ll want here is :sum, which will add up all the values in points.

Cheers! I’m such an idiot!