POLL: How slow has your editor been the past few days?

  • I click then go for coffee. Sometimes it has responded by the time I’m back.
  • Usually responds within a few seconds of clicking. A shame about all the timeouts though.
  • Fast and responsive.
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In November it was awful, then it got a lot better, now I can tell over the past couple of months it’s been starting to get slower. For now, it’s not a major issue (i.e it wouldn’t be my top priority if I could tell Bubble what to do) but hopefully it doesn’t continue to deteriorate significantly.


Clearing cache seems to help mine if starts to get slow


@fede.bubble is there a document or knowledge somewhere about what factors affect editor speed?

I mean I get it’s going to be influenced by internet speed and local computer speed. Is there anything else?

Generally speaking:

  1. number of workflows on page
  2. number of elements on page
  3. number of pages you have visited since clearing cache
  4. internet speed
  5. computer CPU + RAM

Reuseable elements count as pages for the sake of the above.


Still running my 2009 Dell. It’s still in its prime!

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Editor does not load many times during the last few days. Many timeouts once it loaded. Clearing cookies does not help at all anymore. I just keep seeing a blank white page that stops even to load after 60s. Project is super simple only with 1-2 workflows and a few elements… So something is going again in the background. Statuspage is all green. Yeah :tada: :upside_down_face:

I’m also beginning to think the time of day is a factor of Editor speed and stability.

What I find is during my UK morning I don’t ever think about Editor speed, then mid-afternoon (when the US wake up) I begin to notice things getting slow, and timeouts. :thought_balloon:


Same, morning in UK is a dream on the editor. I do notice a difference in the afternoon but the editor was bad about a year ago and in comparison to that it’s actually ok.