Poll on Bubble price changes: Make your voice heard

Hi all,

You will have seen that Bubble has just announced a change in their pricing. Aside from the qualitative feedback we are providing in the main thread, I think it’s critical the community quickly give Bubble some quantitative feedback on what we think of the changes, so they can decide if there is enough evidence to reconsider.

Please share your vote below asap - I will be sending the results to Josh and Emmanuel.

Thanks to @siddharth for creating


They will have to listen to the results

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Just so there’s no miscommunication. I believe you’re missing the crucial content lol


He says we want to make bubble UNaffordable for users, correct me if I am wrong @johnny

Although I agree with the sentiment, he is saying the opposite. Clipping his response where you did is misinformation and not helping.

Emmanuel said that is the last thing they want to do.