Polyfill.app causing time out?

My application has suddenly become very slow to load — across all pages.

I’ve gone into the Console and seen this error message:

Has anyone experienced this before / know a solution?



If it’s across all pages even without a plugin element being on your page, sounds like one of your plugins has a global script that needs to be loaded in

I would try to narrow down which plugin that is. Check Network tab as well on page load and see if it shows anything more

I think this on the plugin details means it loads scrips globally:

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Thanks, @tylerboodman

In the Network tab the only items I can see that don’t look right are polyfill and notify.bubble.io

I’ll have a look at the Plugins in the meantime.

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Turns out it was caused by a Relative Time plugin that the developer must’ve recently removed from Bubble. Thanks again @tylerboodman !


Can confirm @cjrb - we ran into the same issue with the same Plugin.
Thank you for tracking this down.


Oh MAN! Thank you! I was so lost as to why my co-founder’s loading time went from a 1-2 second load time randomly to 40 seconds and even 2 minutes since around a week and a half ago or so. We also used this plugin. It wasn’t happening to me though, nor a lot of people, so it was really hard to figure out what was actually happening. I spent all of day trying to simplify the app and it’s a large app so it was quite a lot to cover.

Funny enough I didn’t think it could be this, I only removed plugins affecting the HTML headers and alike. Sincere and greatest thank you.

As a side note, got any recommendations for a replacement on this plugin?

Hi @julpereira82 ,

I replaced it with Relative Time with Moment.js which, judging by the number of installs vs the ‘Relative Time Format’ - I should’ve gone with in the first place!

Glad I could be of help :grin:


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