Polygon.blue - View up to 6 mobile-optimised websites at once

Hi Bubblers,

I had the idea for this and just had to see what I could do about it, so I made it over the past few weeks.

Basically I go to several of the same sites every day and have limited time to do it before work; I just need snippets/the top stories per site to know what’s going on. So I made a site that shows up to 6 mobile-optimised sites in one desktop window, using iFrames. This way you can see your sites quickly and get on with your day.

You can obviously choose which sites you want to show in the 6 windows. However, some sites do not allow iFraming, and the site has to have ‘https://’ to work. For some sites that are not responsive, you have to specifically use ‘https://m.’ before the URL to load the mobile-friendly version of the site, if one exists.

I know there are some concerns re using iFrames; if you have any of these please let me know before I show the site to the wider web.

Let me know what you think!