POP UP referring to Cell within Repeating Group and Making Changes to a Thing

Hello Bubblers!

I am very new to Bubble, and despite having made great advances in short times, I am stuck in one of my most important flows.

I am building a Reverse HeadHunting platform where Recruiters (Users) find Talent (Who are in the database but are not active users, just to confirm some actions) for their Positions that they can filter according to their particular needs for the Position they need to fill. I have the following Data Types: User, Talent Profiles, Position Profiles, and then the Data Options for the Talent Status and the Positions Priority.

Currently, both Positions and Talent display as Cards Repeating Groups (a little bit Trello-style), and clicking on them (+ sign) shows you the Position or Talent Details. If a Recruiter likes a Talent, they can save them to one of their Open Positions.

The idea is that the whole hiring process works an automated Trello for each Position: The Talent Card moves between columns (Saved, Contacted, In Process, Success, Rejected, Unstarted/Withdrawal) automatically as the status is updated. I already got the groups to display only the Talent assigned to that Position with the column’s status and to move between columns.

I want the process to be as automated as possible, so the idea was to send an email with a link to either Contact or Recruiter that opens a page where they update the status by clicking a button (ideally, this button would be in the email, but I am trying to simplify for the moment). Currently, the link would lead them to the Position’s Kanban Page with a Pop UP, with a custom state where:
1. Talent does not need to sign in and does not see any of the pages elements, just the Pop Up and clicks on the button that updates the Status (contacted to in process or unstarted/withdrawal)
2. Recruiter signs is as usual and updates the Status (in process, success or rejection)

And here comes the problem: Currently, I only manage to move the Talent Card between columns if I first click on the + button to show the position details and then display the Pop Up. That is, I need to click first in the Talent Cell in the repeating group I want to change because this allows me to refer to the Floating Group to Make the Changes.

But I need the Pop Up to directly refer to the cell that contains the Talent Details (in particular, the Talent Alias) of the Talent that is being updated, so that also the Button Actions update the Status of only that one Talent Card. And on top of that, I want to send this Link to the Pop Up that refers to this particular Talent Card in a link through an email.

I have tried a couple of options, trying to do Searches for the Talent Profile where the Assigned Position corresponds to that one Talent Profile. But since multiple Talent Profiles can have the same status and be assigned to the same position, I think I need to be able to refer to the particular cell within the Repeating Group. I found info that to do this one needs to use a Plugin like Orchestra (New free plugin (9 march/20) - Orchestra! Refer to inside repeating groups cell(s) from outside - Showcase - Bubble Forum).

Once I manage to to this, I need to send the page through a link/button within an email, so the email recipient directly accesses the page where is action updates the Talent Status, as explained before.

Any idea on how I can solve any of this? Here is my editor in view mode:

Thank you in advance!


PD: Feel free to contact me at mail@gonzalo-ortega.com if that makes it easier for you!

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