Pop Ups... Again - Is it time to De-Bubble my life?

I’ve been a staunch supporter of Bubble for quite awhile, I’ve only ever had praise and I’ve been happy to come to the support of Bubble when needed.

I have an App in use by a client and an issue based around pop ups has stopped the company from being able to function. I’ve seen many posts before with people getting very frustrated at issues arising without any control on their implementation and seemingly untold delays in getting things solved. I’ve seen loads of posts over the last 24 hours about this issue and yet my app has not been fixed, I’ve reported it and no doubt many others have too only adding to the swarth of new support tickets. I work for an MSP… good communication would help keep those ticket numbers down!

With this platform being used worldwide, why is support only for 8 hours a day? How on earth are Bubble able to provide confidence in using the platform when they only operate for 1/3 of a day. If my app fails due to Bubble’s incompetence, it could easily be at least 16 hours before someone even reads my ticket… scary right?!

It’s all well and good spending 100mil on attracting new users that create half built apps, flood the forum for basic logic help and never actually pay for the service. We waited for ages for the Responsive Design makeover, it was worth it but now there is so much focus on new users that simple things are just being ignored. Every new Monthly Update contains less and less actual content. I don’t care so much about ‘get built quick’ schemes, I however care deeply about fully tested, experience led changes to support established builders with actual apps that are paid for by a client and therefore generating Bubble revenue. Every new user that is attracted costs Bubble money, yet they don’t seemingly care about their current, money generating user base.

They should be aiming at getting more established coders onboard. The amount of time saved getting a prototype and then a production ready app built is hugely advantageous. Having full control of your stack means you have full responsibility to build and maintain it. How many newbies does it take to actually get an app built and onto a Professional Plan compared to industry insiders with actual clients?

On Bubble I have only worried about the functions not the physics, and although that can mean some ‘out of my hands’ issues, I’ve not been hit by any upto this stage. Sadly, they broke the physics and we have no control in fixing it, no visibility and it just supports the argument that Bubble is not the future for ‘people that can’ or ‘reliable money generating apps’

Bubble doesn’t make a beginner a coder, it makes an able person great. This app changed my future. No more free code camp. Just ideas to apps in weeks, not decades… so you know I’m not just grumpy about that loss of earnings… I’m genuinely concerned!

Implementing transparency over localisation, legally required privacy control or any of the other 100+ more important ideas requested for years from the community, was a clear display of the fundamental issue with Bubble.

I’ve never come across a thread on the Forum about needing transparency. I’ve not seen webinars about the fundamentals of transparency, nor marketing from competitors offering transparency as a major differentiator… Is that because it just not a priority for anyone but Bubble?

All these new hires yet it feels that Bubble is heading in the totally wrong direction. Is it too late to change or is it time to move away?

I’ve got 2 additional builds for paying clients that I am now looking for an alternative platform to use. Do I just go backwards and just build from scratch on my own stack and ignore all of my praise? Well if the client stops paying for the app that Bubble broke then it won’t matter, I’ll be down the job centre.

I started with 0% experience, 2 years in and I can think ‘In Bubble’, build in minutes what took me weeks to learn but if it’s all built on sand… what’s the point. I was a dreamer once. I would consider splitting your management team in half, half focusing on acquisition and the other half for retention.

Support the Builders, not the Dreamers.

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I am building my first app in Bubble. After reading this post I am not feeling good.

I believe most will agree that Bubble needs to put more focus on those already builders vs attracting new users at this point. I too am in this camp.

As someone who roams the forums everyday, reading almost every post (instead of wandering around social media), I have to say that the team at Bubble are on the right track and 2023 looks to be a very interesting year if what was promised comes to fruition.

It’ll take quite a bit of time most definitely but I’m can see the team executing ideas from the builders. Among this whole opacity update fiasco, there was mention by the team that they are trying out a new release testing process that involves actual users (correct me if I am wrong).

I like to believe that that’s the nature of something with so much flexibility. You fix one thing and something else might break since there are too many ways builders build in Bubble.

All in all we’re all just gonna have to hang tough and work around the issues that happen (intentionally or otherwise). To me troubleshooting in Bubble is waaayyy easier than troubleshooting native code. The amount of time saved and speed of service recovery i can provide my clients makes up for the hair tearing “oppsies” from Bubble.

As a rule of thumb, if you can build your features using native Bubble, build with native Bubble. I keep my plugins minimal (Toolbox and List Shifter) and avoid any “hacky” methods.

This fortunately has saved me from a lot of issues that others have experienced.


My beef is that the app had been working well for a while, as it should be, after all the testing before going live.

Pop Up’s are not fancy and like you, I keep the Plug Ins to a total minimum.

If this error had occurred but it was part of an update that actually provided decent usage stats then I’d be more understanding. In fact, if it had been any one of the 1000+ aged ‘Ideas’, I’d take the salt to get the sugar.

Yes, I have seen your post before about minimal use of plugin in other thread. And I am trying to follow this. Thank you.

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I’d recommend using Bubble to learn logic, to find out the fundamentals and have a play around without having to pay. Using it for making production ready apps provides more risk than it should due to the lack of consistency with updates ect!

I have learned so many things and still learning that wouldn’t be possible without Bubble though. Thank you. Hope your problem gets solved soon.

@philip2 try to post about your opacity bug here (you can see that bubble team dev occasionally post there):

And also submit a bug report

Done and Done already, still no communication from Bubble - got to be careful, Mods are removing my posts to cover up the issue… lil bit akard for a Forum. hush hush.

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It’s kind of a well known issue at this point. Nothing really to hush hush. Loads of posts already.

I myself had to rectify a popup not closing properly. I just had to add a wait action. From my observations, for some reason the popup hide action was running before the show action hence why the wait action before the hide popup action fixed it.

What was also happening was the popup will hide but not the greyout which again fixed itself with that wait action.

:thinking: I did notice a post or two about transitions bugging out after the opacity feature release. It could be a transition timing problem causing the popup bug?

Well I don’t code native so I’m just guessing.


Thanks for the reply! Sorry this post has been unlisted by NigelG as it’s critical to Bubble so this isn’t likely to be updated by anyone else! Poor treatment of a paying client but hey ho!

This has worked for the last 3 months but then broke yesterday. There was an action to animate an icon on the pop up but what is very odd is that if it’s placed within a reusable element, it works totally fine!

Apologies for any issues reply and reading this post, it has now been rightly reinstated!

The pop up doesn’t successfully show so it doesn’t get to a ‘Wait’ function sadly. There was an animation of an icon ect. This exact pop up works lovely if called from a reusable element. From your knowledge, would the animation be the most likely cause as I’ve seen in places, on the forum, that animations maybe triggering the issues for people since the Opacity update?!

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Really fair points being made. I can see your post was removed and then reinstated for some reason! Surely it wasn’t because you were fairly critical?

My experience with support is that they are great and will hopefully get this all sorted for you.



Just had a ‘work around’ applied by Bubble. The work around does include adding in a wait time but they have said that they have identified an issue with it and will work on the complete fix.

“I’m sorry about the bug, this is a subtle one that I’ll need to investigate further to get a full fix”

Happier regarding the bug response, still annoyed about the disgusting attitude of the aforementioned mod but that should be resolved soon too!


@philip2 just for clarity for myself and other users are you on a dedicated cluster?