Populate a venue from a dropdown

Hi Everyone.

I have a popup form with the following fields (see screenshot below):


Each field is auto bound for easy data entry for the user.

I would like the memVenueDetail field to be populated with the default venue address information when the cboVenue dropdown is changed.

I am trying to set the state for memVenueDetail with a staVenueDetail custom state set to text. However, as the screenshot shows, it doesn’t seem to like my inputs.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @leo.saumure, how are you?

You could set the “initial content” of the multiline input to the text value you want instead of using a state.

Hi Kane,
Unless I’m wrong, the initial content isn’t available when the field is autobound.
In the interest of trying the solution, I have changed the deselected the autobound checkbox, but it doesn’t seem to change when the combo box changes in this scenario either.

Interesting. I have not personally used autobinding much myself, i find it very annoying. I believe the problem you are having is that the autobinding is overriding your state.

When you dont have autobinding on, you can have a condition on the multiline “when dropdown isnt empty” and make the text what you want it to be

I don’t think that is the case in this particular scenario. I have just tested putting arbitrary text into the field after deselecting autobinding and it still doesn’t change the value of the field.

Interestingly, I can get something similar to work when using an option set, but not if it referencing a table’s value???

With a bit of trial and error, I got it working using the inital content field. The problem is I was hoping to keep the auto binding as it make it quite easy on the user to know any changes don’t actually need to be saved.
I’ll keep looking for a solution.
If anyone else has some suggestions, I’d appreciate the help.

Maybe you know this already, but if you want the same effect as auto-binding, you can use the An input’s value is changed workflow event.

Hey Mike,
That is kind of what I’m going for here. I want the user to select a venue, and when that dropdown box is changed, I’d like the venue details to be changed as well.
The issue is that I’d ALSO like the user to add text if needed to the venue details box. For instance, add a level, or floor, or room number, etc.

Ok. So here is what I’ve learned:

It is very difficult to change a field’s data using the value change workflow, especially if you’ve already set the field’s initial state or autobound the field. However, you can easily change a group’s state with the value change workflow. Thus, with a little planning, you can set up a field’s conditions that can manipulate the field’s initial state, which solves this particular problem.

Thanks to @pattokane and @mikeloc for their assistance in guiding me to the solution.

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