Populate an input with a value from a repeating group or DB

I’m building an app that allows a user to build teams of up to four players each. When the user selects a name from any of the drop-downs, a workflow is initiated that:

  1. changes the selected player’s from “selected = no” to "selected = “Yes”. This results in the player’s name no longer being available for selection in any subsequent dropdown. Unfortunately, because my workflow causes the selected name to be removed from the drop-down list of choices, it also means the associated input box containing the selected Player’s name is cleared. That’s a problem. I need the selected name to remain visible to the user but also be removed from the list of available choices in subsequent drop-downs.
  2. assigns the player a “pairing number”, as I’m calling it, (i.e, pairing-number 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) and,
  3. assigns the player a “list-order” number within that pairing.

Clicking the red X initiates a workflow that is the reverse of the above:

  1. sets the player to "selected = “no”. The player’s name is once again available for selection from subsequent drop-downs.
  2. changes the player’s “pairing number” back to zero and,
  3. sets the player’s “list-order” back to zero.

So far so good!

Now, let’s say the user creates some pairings but then closes the app. Later he/she comes back to continue work. Upon selection of the appropriate “Event”, I need an action that displays all previously established pairings with the names of each player in the appropriate position.

  1. Can this be done?
  2. If so, can anyone give me some direction on how to engineer this action?

Link to app set to “anyone can view”…

I have already set-up the first pairing. See database > All Players Modified 2 > Pairing-Number and list-order. I need these names to appear in the proper order across Pairing #1 when “Event 1” is the selected event.

Thanks to anyone and everyone able to offer help!