Populate body using mailto: and sms:

Hello Bibble’rs,

I am familiar with the mailto:, sms: and tel: features. I would like to take it a step further and pre-populate the body of the email or sms.


sms:1current users mobile
boby: websitehomeurluser/unique id

Anyone know how to accomplish said feature?

Thank you!

Hi try setting this to open external website

mailto:test@example.com?subject=Testing out mailto!&body=This is only a test!

Edit: Didn’t see it was for SMS so this won’t work :confused:

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:sob::sob::sob: thank you anyway!

Did you search web?

Yes, within Bubble when the element is clicked, I selected Navigate to external site, and followed the steps on stack overflow (I saw that exact thread) and it doesn’t work, everything is populated in the “to” line

On which browser/os?


Can you share screenshot? Also thr url must be encoded

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Good call! I’ll try that and report back

After validation with iphone iOS 12.3, you just need this :wink:

note: this character is rejected in the “body” on iOS 12.3


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Seem that this may be hard to achieve for different reason. Some say that link need to be urlencoded and some not. Like that on iOS7+ this might not work if the number is not in the contact list (never used before). Depending of the version or iOS, I think you already know that you need to use &, ; or ? before body.

Are you saying & is rejected in IOS? What would you use instead? Or does this function just not work in iOS?

@freehold2018 The & is not “rejected”. This is like when you use parameter in url. This will just not appear in the body of the message.

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Yes, the & does not appear. As said, it works on iOS 12.3 and more. I didn’t check for older versions.

update: As @Jici said, only in body.

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