Populate second reapeting group with data from another DB

I have a page that populates data from a previous page. (no 1 in the image)
Now I want to also have data from a second database. (no 2)
But I cant get it to work, so need a bit of help…

first database = InstrumentDB
Second database = InstrumentTjeckDB

When creating the second db the Instrument_ID from the first db is copied to Instrument_ID of the second database.
The first db should only have one unigue Instrument_ID, the second can have many of the same Instrument_ID’s and I want to display the records of all the same Instrument_IDs in the second db.

The page type of content is set to InstrumentDB. Should this be blank?

In the second reapeting group I have set content to be the second db
The Data source is the second db, but I try to find the Instrument_ID that maches the Instrument_ID from the page I am on. So the it is data about the same instrument I show.

Is this step correct?

To start populating with data, I have started with the text/name in the Instrument_ID. But this doesn’t show when I run the app.

I found the solution.
The page content for one, should be empty.

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