Populating a dropdown from a choice in another page's dropdown

Hi folks, I’m a newbie here, trying to build my first app.

I have a concept in my app that is a ‘assessment template’ that essentiatly contains two fields: ‘template name’ and ‘template profiles’
template name= just a text field with the name
template profiles= a list of profile names

I have a dropdown in page A that is populated by the field ‘template name’
The user chooses one ‘template name’ in this dropdown and when clicks another button opens page B
I have several dropdowns in page B which should be populated by the ‘template profiles’ field from the same entry as the ‘template name’ chosen in page A

I tried sending the choice through a workflow that opens page B, but I can’t figure out how to use this to populate the dropdowns in page B

Looking forward for your kind help.

Hey there @gustavogrillo,

Welcome to the Bubble community!

Since it looks like you’re using pages, I would use page parameters to pass the data, then in the Page B dropdown have conditionals for specific “template profiles” you might want to show depending on the “template name” value.

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Hi @johnny , thanks for your reply.
I didn’t get what kind of conditionals should I use…
The dropdown on page B should populate with the template profiles that are linked in the database with the template name
I tried sending the dropdown’s value from page A but the dropdown from page B still didn’t got the template profiles. I think the problem is how I set the Choices Source in the dropdown in page B.
Is it possible to make this work turning page B into a pop-up from page A?
Thanks again

Hey @gustavogrillo,

Your conditional should look something like this:

Assuming that your dropdown has dynamic data:

  1. When “template” is ________
  2. Then… Data Source the one that’s for that template name
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