Populating A Standardized Web App Template

Hello Bubblers!

I have created a ‘standardized form’ that requires users to input data. Once data is entered into the form it populates a database where it is stored. Both the form and database I created are up and running and working 100% !

I would like to build a very simple web app template that becomes populated with the user data the user enters into the standardized form I created. Are there any resources online that will explain/teach to me how this is done? Can it be done?

Other things I need to do:

  1. I need to create a web services platform so that individual users have their own account and real-time access to it.

  2. Within each account users will only need real time access to the ‘standardized form’ so that it can be updated anytime 24/7.

  3. Each user account will have a dedicated static url that leads to a standard ‘Web App Template’. This template is loaded with data that is pulled from the database based on the user input the user enters via the ‘standarized form’.

I have never used bubble before and remain uncertain if these type of things can be easily accomplished. I would really enjoy hearing from people in the community that have been there and done that in order to be assured I’m on the right path with Bubble.

Like everyone else, I don’t want to be going down a path that at the end of the day won’t get me to where it is I need to be going. Any feedback regarding these action items would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

John Tengstrom

Hi John!

What kind of Database you are using exactly?

Meaning, is it MySQL, Postgres, etc?

In case it is a DB that Bubble can integrate with directly - what you describe is pretty straightforward.

In case it isn’t - there’s a ton of alternatives (like Airtable, for instance), or just using the embedded Bubble App Database in the first place.

And yeah, there’s a ton of learning materials out there to teach you what you need to do and more.

Bubble standard educational videos right in your bubble.io dashboard will give you a solid start.

For more advanced concepts and flows overall - resources like https://lab.zeroqode.com are a good place to check out.


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