Populating dropdown to edit a record

Good day Bubblers! I am on my second day of using Bubble and I’ve come across something I can’t resolve.I am trying to send a record to a page that will edit just that one record. One field needs to be populated via a dropdown. So I want the appropriate dropdown list to be available and the current data in the field as the default selection and what shows as selected in the dropdown.

The application is that I have a record that I’m calling budgetitem. The field with the dropdown is called account. The lookup for that dropdown is from the datasource COA (a database with chart of accounts.)

The workflow from the originating page is configured as follows:

My dropdown is currently configured as follows. (Note that I’ve tried a bunch of things but nothing has worked. So I went back to what I thought was the most basic approach.)
Dropdown Properties

What shows when I run the page is:

Any guidance would be much appreciated!


Any answer to this? Having same issue.

The OP’s issue is different than yours. The OP is referencing a COA as the data type, then looking to populate it with an “Account.” There’s a data mismatch.

Additionally, in the OP’s post, they need to specify which field on the Account is displayed as the Default Value.