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Populating "Name" Field after Gmail-Based Login via OAuth

Hi! I wanted to ask how you can populate a “Name” field in the user database for a user who signs up via Google through OAuth. Right now, when a user signs up with their Gmail via OAuth, the only record I have is their e-mail address. Therefore, this user will not be found by another user searching for them by name. I would like for all users to be searchable by name, so I was wondering whether there was a way to populate a “Name” field in the user database for a person who logs in via Google through OAuth? Can the name associated with the Gmail account be populated automatically in an input field? Thank you!!

Hi there @jdb6000,

Welcome to the Bubble community!

I believe that if you’re using the default Bubble plugin to have Google oauth, you can do Current User’s Google’s First Name

Thank you very much @johnny !

Glad to help!