Populating Page Section with Different Users from Repeating Group

Hi, everyone! Started on the 100 Days No Code challenge a few weeks ago, and I’m really enjoying Bubble.

Is there a way for me to populate the “User Information” on the same page (without a refresh or pop-up) when I click “Open” on a repeating group?

For example, if I click “Open” on John Doe, I want all of John Doe’s information (First Name, Last Name, Profile Pic) to immediately populate the “User Information” section on that page. But then, when I click “Open” on Jane Doe’s tab, I immediately want John Doe’s information to be replaced with Jane Doe’s information.

Can anyone help? I’ve tried adding a workflow with refreshing and sending data to the page when “Open” is clicked, but I seem to have conflicts with the page data type and the fact that I have other features on it besides just “User.”

Thanks! Screenshot attached.

Hi there, @srad17… congrats on starting the 100 Day challenge!

I believe I have created what you have described, and it looks like this…


As I click each button, I have the person’s name immediately showing up in the User Information section. So, in the screenshot above, I have clicked the Open button in Kramer’s row.

If that’s what you are looking to do, I set it up by having the User Information area configured as a group with its Type of content set to User.

Then, the workflow for the Open button uses the Element Actions >> Group >> Display data option, and it ends up looking like this…


With that setup in place, you can add elements to the User Information group, and those elements will reference the Parent group's User's whatever like this…


I hope all of that makes sense and I hope it helps… best of luck as you continue the challenge!


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Hi Mike,

This worked perfectly! Thanks so much for the detailed explanation. Still trying to get the hang of repeating groups and displaying data, so this was great.

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