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Popup add current session to user data type

Hi Everyone,
I have a repeating group that displays data from various fields from a data type of session. I have a button on each row of the repeating group for more info. This shows a pop up of the session fields and the popup also contains a button to register. I would like to the register button to add the current cell’s session to the User table .(user data type has a column of session with list of sessions) However I cannot reference current cell’s session in the workflow of the button. Popup’s type of content is session…What am I doing wrong ? Thanks

The session the user is registering for is the Group’s session, eh?

Yes , repeating groups session


  1. You have a repeating group of Things.
  2. User clicks a button in the repeating group which sends “this cells’s Thing” to a popup that you have displayed.
  3. The User is now seeing a popup group which now “knows” (holds) the value of the Thing that was in the cell of the repeating group that the User clicked.
  4. That is, the group knows the Thing the User clicked on. (It’s that popup group’s Thing!)
  5. You the programmer ALSO know which Thing the User clicked on. (Again, because it’s the popup group’s Thing.)

You can also do this purely via indices, if you like. Watch the video linked here (I can’t find its original post now - too old I guess, still 100% valid):

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Thank you Keith. My issue " adding " the value of "thing " from the PopUp to the user table and I think I’ve figured it out .
Really appreciate your help and the video which was exactly what I needed!

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