Popup display sent from RG recognised as empty

I have a thing called “leave applications”.
Some of the fields cannot be empty (in both create and edit forms), such as dates.

A user can click edit icon from RG to open a popup with fields displaying data from previously saved leave applications.

And the data disply is fine, but when I click save for the “edited version” without changing the dates, it doesn’t let me save, and shows me the warning popup I created to be triggered when must-have fields are empty. (Without the warning sign, it just doesn’t let me save/complete the edit workflow.)

What’s wrong with my edit form setting?

Hello @linzlee1

Use the debugger to check if the inputs are receiving data. They say in their initial content “parent group leave …” but maybe the parent group or groups are not passing data down because their data source may be empty.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by empty data source.
If the data source is empty, the dates would blank, right?
But here in the edit form (data sent from RG), all the fields (application id/dates/leave type… etc.) display perfectly, yet still trigger the warning.

Hi, @cmarchan, not sure if you saw the reply, any thoughts on solution?
Much appreciated.


This is what I meant

Hi, @cmarchan, thanks for the video.
Yes, it’s set from the page to be leave application data type

And the fields are getting fed data from parent

And the icon is sending data to display in the popup

Finally, the data display perfectly as my previous .gif shows.
I don’t know what went wrong with the form/field setting, the “should not be empty” fields already have data for sure, but saving is not allowed unless you manually input/pick dates again.


  • Easy way would be to make the date pickers not mandatory
  • Alternatively, make them mandatory only during creation. It may be that for whatever reason the value is empty and when this is so … the checkbox that makes a date picker mandatory (this input should not be empty) kicks in. So, even though you think that values are being sent to the date picker they really are not. Your screenshot shows them as empty valued even though the connection is there during edit.