Popup displaying data freezes screen when closed

Popup w/ data inside is freezing the page every time it’s used and subsequently closed. None of our other popups have done this.

We have a pop-up that shows users a preview of a profile that they may be interested in following/checking out.

The popup(s) are titled Profile Preview Post & Profile Preview Comment. They exist within a reusable element called “Shouts”

You can log into the app via the backend as any user. Make sure you’re on page “home” before doing so. To recreate the issue, click on any name/profile photo of any user within the main home feed.

We use @gaurav 's Native Apps services (10/10 would recommend), so certain navigational workflows are unavailable on desktop at this moment.

Figured it out. I had an “animate an element” (the pop-up) workflow as the last step. I’m not sure why that caused the freezing, but I’m glad it fixed it.

I also winded up turning the pop-up into a reusable element, however, I don’t think that has any effect on the problem.