Popup for a repeating group

Hi, I am having difficulties popping up the Reference (which is in a list of texts in a datatype). I would like it to popup the particular rule when I select one of the RM-…

I am displaying the above content in a Repeating group.
This is all stored in a datatype “Documents” and I would like to display the information (description) when I click one of the RM (for example: when I click RM-9.1.2, it should popup the rule description of RM-9.1.2).

All rules description is stored in another data type. How should I make it link so it shows me a pop up when I click on it. Hope my question is clear.

In the “document” data type you may add a filed of the type of the “another data type” to store the “another data type” entry that contain the related description, then use it in a “display data” action.

Could you please explain more on this. Thanks

You have a data type called “document” which include a field for name and a filed for reference, if you added a third field for the related description or for the data type item that include the related description then you will be able to use it in “display data” action (look at bubble documentation and tutorials to learn about “display data” action).

So after the item of the other data type being created the related Document item have to be modified to include it.