Popup, Repeating Groups & Parent Group - Content in Popup always same, regardless of which repeating group is clicked

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I just launched the beta version of a job board, which includes a video the applicant has to record in order to complete the job application process. Now, when the employer reviews the applications, they’re supposed to be able to click each applicant’s ‘profile’ and then be able to view the video.

However, I’m having 2 issues (which are probably easy fixes, but for whatever reason, I can’t seem to figure the problem out, even with me working on the project for 4 months):

ISSUE 1) When an employer clicks on any profile which is displayed in a repeating group, the same video plays. This shouldn’t happen since each applicant’s profile should display their own unique video

ISSUE 2) When an employer clicks on any profile to expand the profile info in a popup, the same profile shows over and over again

My amateur diagnosis:

ASSUMPTION 1) The source & parent group is set up wrong in the popups

ASSUMPTION 2) the ‘Do a search for’ doesn’t have the right filter to ensure that whenever an employer clicks on a specific profile the popup ONLY shows that specific profile’s info, and the video played is also specific to that profile

I’ve pasted a link to the app here: https://bubble.io/site/wheel-master-live/version-test/

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Christopher,

Maybe you are not setting the data source of your popup?

Here’s a quick example of opening a popup for specific contact from a repeating group:

You set the Data to Display of the popup element, along with Showing the popup.

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