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Popup saves settings?!

I’ve a list of items.
When the user click on an item a popup will be open.
there is a input field for an email address. the user has to enter his email adress and click a button (to agree on some terms…) after this is done a hidden text field will shown up with the item details.

This is working fine.
But after the user closes the popup and click on an other item he will see the details without entering the email address. It seems that this setting will be saved.

any idea how to solve this?

Hi there, @fok_ste… what is triggering the hidden text field to be shown after the button is clicked? Is it a custom state by any chance? If it is, you will need to reset the custom state when the popup is closed because unlike a page refresh (which, as you probably know, causes a custom state to reset), closing a popup does not reset a custom state, so it has to be an explicit action in the workflow.

Hope this helps.


Are you resetting inputs when closing the popup? you should make a WF when closing the popup and when clicking on the button to reset relevant inputs / clear input.

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