Popup shows image directory path instead of image

I included an picture uploader in a form and when I upload the image, it works:


But when I try to retrieve that image for the popup, it shows the directory path instead of the image itself:

I thought the code for this is:

I guess I’m wrong…? But the other options don’t look right either.

Why is this happening? Can I get the popup to show the image as well? Or is this because I am in preview mode?

Thank you.

Hey @cinji18

Hmm :thinking: I’m not sure since I can’t see the entire element from the screenshots. It looks like you might just be using a text element. Try using an image element to see if that helps.

Let me know if that works. :blush:

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Thank you. That was it. Can’t believe I did not catch that.

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Cool. Glad that helped. :blush:

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