PopUp Taking Long Time To Load

When I am implementing the popup using this tutorial, it is taking a long time to load in the preview. Even when I wait a day to check on it as it’s a new element it still takes a long time to load or doesn’t load at all.

Can you share the link to your editor so we can see what may be going on?

How do I do that?

Under Settings > Privacy change it to anyone can view, then drop us the link from your browser while you’re in the editor. This let’s us look around but not change anything. You’ll change it back to private app after.

Thanks. Can you see this?

Yes - sorry I think it needs to be edit instead.


The birthday cake is a popup but also I tried several times in the repeating groups.

Double check the link - should start with bubble.io/page while you’re in editor.
The one above takes me to if I’m using the app.

Seems like something in the workflow is slowing it down because yeah it’s super slow once I click the cake

Check your PM? I appreciate the help. I will return the favor!

Posting here too.
It’s getting stuck on the Page is loaded workflow. The ‘Hide Element’ step is empty so you’ll want to fix that.
You can mark this as solution/solved if it helped.

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