Popup to cover a copying action

When data is being copied to a repeating group or drop-down list, it is sometimes slow. That is Ok as long as we display a, “Please wait, loading data…” popup, so the user does not interact with a half copied repeating group or drop down.

In one particular case, I have 5,000 records and want to copy only the records belonging to the current user (Say 500 records) to another table and display count of records copied. Instead of showing 500 it shows incremental values of say 127, 312, 443, 500 as the records are being copied.

Is there a way I can display a popup to prevent the user from doing anything or seeing this incremental copying action?

Yes, you can create a “loading… popup” and use the checkbox “This popup can’t be be closed by pressing ‘Esc’” in the popup settings.